Okay,fighting fighting fighting and fighting! My everyday going sucks if everyday will be like this. Errr -___- Lets try to be cool and chill. Forget about yesterday. Today,start a new day. Happy and smile :) Hmm.
#Dear my lover,I miss you so damn much honey. Sorry about yesterday? Never mean like that. Hm,like I say mulut itew ni mmg tadek insurans. Pakai langgar je. Satu lagi,itew ni suka sakit kan hati awok en ucuk? Setiap masa! Minggu ni kita asyik gadoh jee. Berbaik then gadoh balik. Erghh! Whats life like this? >< Nvm,benda dah jadi pun. And I still dont blame anyone. Sayangs,sorry tao? I lebbbbbb chiuuuuuuuuu :"(