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Allright,lets begin. Almost one month tinggal kan blog ni. Tengok jee blog ni,tapi tak update pun. Whats a lazy bum am I? -.- Oh yaaa,agak tak berapa biasa nak update blog. Tak tahu lagi nak cerita apa. My life is gone. My everyday is boringg! But as long as my lover ada ni,life getting better. Better better and better 'maybe' not everyday. Sometimes actually. Well,u know how couple's lifes? Yaa,if life getting sucks and no mood,means i had a problem. Ya problems. You know problems?! Problem can makes everyone CRAZY including me!!! Dalam hari cuti mcm ni patut nya happy sebab cuti. Boleh relaxing our mind. Tapi ni tak,sebaliknya. Hmm,i dont know why. Maybe i had to much thinking. Yaaaa :'| Duduk dekat rumah,kepala ni boleh jadi kusut. Dah lah bosan,pening,frust! I always call 'frust menonggeng'. Errrr. Whats a life like this? I need a shoulder. I need someone. Where's my lover when I need him? Call tak angkat. Hm,maybe you can not just be there for my own fault. I'm sorry honey. I'm sorry for hurt you so deep everyday! I need you now. :'((